Ninjas Steal a Pirate Ship and SINK it! Mutton-Gate continues.

Mochizuki Chiyome, leader of the Ninja Faction, said, “No Ninja was witnessed stealing the boat.  No Ninja was seen on the boat.  No Ninja was found in the boat after it sunk.  These are baseless accusations.  Besides we all too busy tending our rice fields.  Sounds to me like Captain Jack Starling found the rum again.”

Chiyome’s sincerity was undercut by Hattori Hanzo who was standing behind her, literally laughing his ass off.

Face Off helps you lose weight and feel better.

First it is very difficult to play Face Off and eat unhealthy food at the same time.

Second when you play A Training Montage it motivates your work out.  And you get a jolt of fat burning adrenaline at the start of each turn because you’re winning.

Thus when you play Face Off, you lose weight.  And when you lose weight, you feel better.

So play Face Off three days a week and in six to eight weeks you’ll be a whole new you.**


**The AGdR Legal Department would like to completely disavow the entirety of this post.  There is no part of it that is correct or accurate.  The Luc Besson film Lucy is more Factual.***

***The AGdR Marketing Department would like to invite the AGdR Legal Department to join the AGdR Game Designers at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain.

Even More Chilling Secrets behind the Face Off Story (Part Three)

The changes to the Game of Awesome version 2.0 were so dramatic the name of the game changed to Face Off. But I wanted to acknowledge where I had come from and the progress I had made, so I kept the numbering system. Thus The Game of Awesome 2.0 became Face Off 3.0.

The first major change was the destruction of generic cards. Now everyone started with named, cool cards.  Why start with lame when you can start with cards that are fun to have in your hand and even more fun to play with?

Second, I split the power tree and the clock deck. I liked the way the ‘tree’ limited your choices, and there are subtle strategy tricks in blocking what cards were available for players to take that are important to master. Thus the Power Tree we all know and love was born. I briefly experimented with five cards on the bottom row, but for space reasons more than anything else, I soon cut it to three cards on the bottom, two in the middle, and the deck on top.

The clock deck, then, was divided into green, yellow, and red backed cards. And there were forty five cards in the deck. The game called for players to play all 45 cards. The only problem was the game stopped being fun after about 25 cards. By that point it was clear who was going to win. And we were just playing out the string.

The market was back. It was a bidding market. Players bid on how many ‘cloggers’ they were willing to take into the their decks in order to gain cards.

And finally locations made it back too, we called them Headquarters or HQs. To get around the problem of having dead cards in your hand, I got rid of location specific actions. Now all cards worked equally well everywhere.

Face off 3.0 felt really close. There were just a couple of tweaks (as noted above) that needed to be made. I was positive Face Off 3.5 was going to be the final, publication ready version.

To see how Face Off 3.5 got a lot a WHOLE lot worse, tune in next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Same goofy jokes.

This Pirate stepped up to a Cannon in real life, then OMG!

Anne Bonny, in order to save the life of her lover and partner Jack Rackham, stepped in front of a cannon blast…AND LIVED.  According to legend her leather vest was so studded with Grape Shot it served as armor for the rest of Anne’s pirate days.

In other news Jack had to the dishes for the rest of his life –he kind of owed her.

How to Bid like a Boss!

Most people start bidding with a single Victory Token –because hey why not see if your opponents will let get a great card on the cheap, right.

I’ll tell you why not.  It’s lame.  The next time you’re in the market bid like a Boss.  Don’t start at one like a kindergartener hiding in the corner of the lunch room.  Grab two heaping handfuls of chutzpah and bid seven.  No one is going to bid against you.  And they’ll probably be intimidated for the rest of the game.**


**The AGDR Game Designers think this is terrible advice.***


***The AGDR Marketing Department would like to remind everyone that ADGR Game Designers still live with their mothers.