About Us

AGdR is here to make games and chew bubblegum,

and we’re all out of bubblegum.

AGdR is a conglomeration of amazing individuals, three of which take up all the spotlight.


Clay Weill
Principal Director of Fun and Games, Head Ice Cream Chef, Instructor of Record
Clay’s primary responsibilities are to challenge Wilbur in all things, make the world a better place with his piercing blue eyes and winning smile, and apply mechanics to Monts’ themes.
Wilbur Bennett
Principal Director of Art and Angst, Head Gumbo Chef, Instructor of Emotion and Linguistics
Wilbur’s primary responsibilities are to prove Clay wrong, make the world a better place with his understanding of alternative viewpoints, and separate Clay’s mechanics and Monts’ theme until appropriate.
Jeremy Monts
Principal Director of Nits and Picking, Head Dessert Deliverer, Instructor of Reconciliation and Debauchery
Jeremy’s primary responsibilities are to settle Clay and Wilbur down, make the world a better place by delivering whisky and wit to the masses, and generate fanciful ideas and names to which mechanics can be applied.