Grilled what? Pirates decide to BBQ a few Precious Things

The Ancient Wood Block Print that has passed down from one leader of the Ninja Clan to the next for over a thousand years has been stolen and allegedly roasted next to split pig.

Captain Flint swears no member of his crew would bother with such things.  Said Flint, “If we’re going to steal something from those Kit-Kats we’re not going to burn it.  We’re going to trade it for something good.  Like those rum filled chocolates or one of them sleep number things.”

Sherlock Prime has offered to investigate.

Ninjas Steal a Pirate Ship and SINK it! Mutton-Gate continues.

Mochizuki Chiyome, leader of the Ninja Faction, said, “No Ninja was witnessed stealing the boat.  No Ninja was seen on the boat.  No Ninja was found in the boat after it sunk.  These are baseless accusations.  Besides we all too busy tending our rice fields.  Sounds to me like Captain Jack Starling found the rum again.”

Chiyome’s sincerity was undercut by Hattori Hanzo who was standing behind her, literally laughing his ass off.

You won’t believe how Doc Holiday takes Mutton-Gate to whole new level!

Doc Holiday was waxing rhapsodic as the local Cowboy watering hole.  He began politely enough, though there have been a hint of sarcasm underneath his drunken slur, “Why Flint, why Gomen, does this mean we’re all not friends anymore? You know, if I thought you weren’t my friend… I just don’t think I could bear it!”  Then while caressing his holstered revolver with the gentleness of a new lover a gleam shone from his suddenly sharp eyes.  “If you weren’t my friend, we just might have to play for blood the next time we play.”

He chuckled then added, “The truth is there is no difference between Pirates and Ninjas.  They are all reckless, dishonorable thieves.  And not the good kind.  I calculate we’ll all be better off once their like has been vanquished.”