How to Bid like a Boss!

Most people start bidding with a single Victory Token –because hey why not see if your opponents will let get a great card on the cheap, right.

I’ll tell you why not.  It’s lame.  The next time you’re in the market bid like a Boss.  Don’t start at one like a kindergartener hiding in the corner of the lunch room.  Grab two heaping handfuls of chutzpah and bid seven.  No one is going to bid against you.  And they’ll probably be intimidated for the rest of the game.**


**The AGDR Game Designers think this is terrible advice.***


***The AGDR Marketing Department would like to remind everyone that ADGR Game Designers still live with their mothers.

This sneaky combo is Genius!

There is nothing like a Ninja with a Shot of Whiskey.

Chiyome, the leader of the Ninjas, is the most powerful card drawing card in all of Face Off. A Shot of Whiskey, a Cowboy Power Tree Card, allows you to play extra cards in the HQ and gain VP tokens.  So when these two get together, you win the Face Off, then you card draw your way to victory in the HQ and gain a couple of VP tokens along the way.


What to win Face Off every time you play? Master this one weird trick.

This is Aristotle.

He’s a Genius and he works with your Faction because he works with every Faction.  If you grab him turn one, you’re doing well.  If you grab him turn one without playing your best combo, you’re going to win.  EVERY SINGLE TIME!**


** The AGDR Game Designers would like you to know that they have mountains of statistical evidence based on copious play tests that proves the above statement isn’t really true.***


*** The AGDR Marketing Department would like to invite the AGDR Game Designers to suck it.