Face Off helps you lose weight and feel better.

First it is very difficult to play Face Off and eat unhealthy food at the same time.

Second when you play A Training Montage it motivates your work out.  And you get a jolt of fat burning adrenaline at the start of each turn because you’re winning.

Thus when you play Face Off, you lose weight.  And when you lose weight, you feel better.

So play Face Off three days a week and in six to eight weeks you’ll be a whole new you.**


**The AGdR Legal Department would like to completely disavow the entirety of this post.  There is no part of it that is correct or accurate.  The Luc Besson film Lucy is more Factual.***

***The AGdR Marketing Department would like to invite the AGdR Legal Department to join the AGdR Game Designers at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain.