This Pirate stepped up to a Cannon in real life, then OMG!

Anne Bonny, in order to save the life of her lover and partner Jack Rackham, stepped in front of a cannon blast…AND LIVED.  According to legend her leather vest was so studded with Grape Shot it served as armor for the rest of Anne’s pirate days.

In other news Jack had to the dishes for the rest of his life –he kind of owed her.

How to Bid like a Boss!

Most people start bidding with a single Victory Token –because hey why not see if your opponents will let get a great card on the cheap, right.

I’ll tell you why not.  It’s lame.  The next time you’re in the market bid like a Boss.  Don’t start at one like a kindergartener hiding in the corner of the lunch room.  Grab two heaping handfuls of chutzpah and bid seven.  No one is going to bid against you.  And they’ll probably be intimidated for the rest of the game.**


**The AGDR Game Designers think this is terrible advice.***


***The AGDR Marketing Department would like to remind everyone that ADGR Game Designers still live with their mothers.

This sneaky combo is Genius!

There is nothing like a Ninja with a Shot of Whiskey.

Chiyome, the leader of the Ninjas, is the most powerful card drawing card in all of Face Off. A Shot of Whiskey, a Cowboy Power Tree Card, allows you to play extra cards in the HQ and gain VP tokens.  So when these two get together, you win the Face Off, then you card draw your way to victory in the HQ and gain a couple of VP tokens along the way.


You won’t believe how Doc Holiday takes Mutton-Gate to whole new level!

Doc Holiday was waxing rhapsodic as the local Cowboy watering hole.  He began politely enough, though there have been a hint of sarcasm underneath his drunken slur, “Why Flint, why Gomen, does this mean we’re all not friends anymore? You know, if I thought you weren’t my friend… I just don’t think I could bear it!”  Then while caressing his holstered revolver with the gentleness of a new lover a gleam shone from his suddenly sharp eyes.  “If you weren’t my friend, we just might have to play for blood the next time we play.”

He chuckled then added, “The truth is there is no difference between Pirates and Ninjas.  They are all reckless, dishonorable thieves.  And not the good kind.  I calculate we’ll all be better off once their like has been vanquished.”

More Chilling Secrets behind the Face Off Story. (Part Two)

Face Off Logo

I can’t express to you how much I hate waiting for my turn.

I think the best part of a board game is sitting around the table after the game is over and, win, lose or draw, talk it over with my friends and brothers.

“This is what I experienced…. What were you thinking here…. I was so close to doing this, that, or the other….”

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What to win Face Off every time you play? Master this one weird trick.

This is Aristotle.

He’s a Genius and he works with your Faction because he works with every Faction.  If you grab him turn one, you’re doing well.  If you grab him turn one without playing your best combo, you’re going to win.  EVERY SINGLE TIME!**


** The AGDR Game Designers would like you to know that they have mountains of statistical evidence based on copious play tests that proves the above statement isn’t really true.***


*** The AGDR Marketing Department would like to invite the AGDR Game Designers to suck it.

How to stop spending so much in the Market Phase.

Market cards are the most powerful cards in the world (of Face Off).  It’s easy to be seduced by their beauty and power.  But you’re bidding Victory Tokens.  So you have to be careful not to over pay.  Follow this simple, two step tip and you’ll be the bomb.

So.  Here it is.  If the person to your right says a number that is less than three you say, ‘Three’.  If the person to your right says a number that is three or higher, you say ‘Pass’.

Let’s practice.

If I’m sitting to your right and I say ‘Two’, you say?

That’s right, you say ‘Three’.

If I’m sitting to your right and I say ‘Four’, you say?

‘Pass’.  Very good.

Now all you have to do, is learn to bid like a boss.  Stay tuned for future tips.

Yes! Face Off is life changing!

Movie Star Sherlock threw a full on star powered temper tantrum yesterday before storming off in a huff worthy of a twelve year old girl.

When reached for comment at 221b Baker Street, Sherlock Prime said, “When we the eliminate the impossible, what remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.  We’ve clearly been brought here by a force beyond our understanding and if we want to return to where we came from, we must win Face Off.  That’s it.  It’s simple really.  Movie Star Sherlock can accept the reality of our situation or not.  It won’t really matter once he enters The Arena.  In the mean time, I’m sure Granny-esque Sherlock has some cookies for him.”