How to stop spending so much in the Market Phase.

Market cards are the most powerful cards in the world (of Face Off).  It’s easy to be seduced by their beauty and power.  But you’re bidding Victory Tokens.  So you have to be careful not to over pay.  Follow this simple, two step tip and you’ll be the bomb.

So.  Here it is.  If the person to your right says a number that is less than three you say, ‘Three’.  If the person to your right says a number that is three or higher, you say ‘Pass’.

Let’s practice.

If I’m sitting to your right and I say ‘Two’, you say?

That’s right, you say ‘Three’.

If I’m sitting to your right and I say ‘Four’, you say?

‘Pass’.  Very good.

Now all you have to do, is learn to bid like a boss.  Stay tuned for future tips.

Floating Brain in a Jar calls Latest Poll ‘Fake News’!

“I may be a disembodied brain in jar with a maniacal disregard for humanity, but there is no way I am less powerful than a G-d D@mn Teddy Bear!  This is totally fake news.  And while you a-holes are here, let me also address the rumors that I was once in the body of Hitler.  I was never in the body of Hitler.  Hitler was an idiot.  I, sir, am no idiot.  In my human days I was decidedly more… Creative.”

The Brain is a jar is referring to the latest five fifty seven and a half poll of polls –results below.  If you’d like your voice to be heard on the matter, keep an eye on the Face Off page on Board Game Geek where future polls will be published soon.



Flint’s Archer-esque response to Mutton-Gate

“Read a Book!”  Flint yelled as he emerged from a 1978 Trans Am so finely polished it was actually cool again.  “The last Pirate movie made what? A hundred million pounds in like two hours.  What’d the last Ninja movie make?  No one knows because they haven’t made one since the eighties.  So tell that little Rice Farmer to take her cute little pony back to the fields and leave Face Off to the Big Boys.”

Is this the card that reveals the identity of the Last Jedi?


But we all know Luke is the last Jedi.  It says so in the Force Awakens crawl.

Anyway this is the Truth Gun.  Not only does it Jedi Mind Trick your opponents into revealing their secret cards, it is the only weapon that combos with every single faction in the game.

Players have tough early decisions as long as the Truth Gun is still hanging around the Power Tree –especially Monster Players.

The Five Most Seductive personalities in Face Off.

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What this Cowboy did will shock and disgust almost anyone. Or no one. Or maybe someone.

This is Nat Love A.K.A. Deadwood Dick.  He was born a slave in 1854, freed by the Civil War, and full on Cowboy in Arizona by his 16th birthday.

In 1876 he entered the Dakota Territory July 4th Rodeo –mostly for the big Prize Money –and he proceeded to win first place in every single event.  The calf rope. The rope throw. The hog tie.  The bridle.  The saddle, and The bronco riding.

To prepare for the events, in order to build up calluses and toughen his hands, ole Deadwood reportedly peed in each hand twice a day.

Asked, in the Cowboy training center located somewhere west of the Mississippi, if he would continue the practice, Dick said, “Whatever it takes for the Cowboys to win, is whatever I’m gonna do.”