What this Cowboy did will shock and disgust almost anyone. Or no one. Or maybe someone.

This is Nat Love A.K.A. Deadwood Dick.  He was born a slave in 1854, freed by the Civil War, and full on Cowboy in Arizona by his 16th birthday.

In 1876 he entered the Dakota Territory July 4th Rodeo –mostly for the big Prize Money –and he proceeded to win first place in every single event.  The calf rope. The rope throw. The hog tie.  The bridle.  The saddle, and The bronco riding.

To prepare for the events, in order to build up calluses and toughen his hands, ole Deadwood reportedly peed in each hand twice a day.

Asked, in the Cowboy training center located somewhere west of the Mississippi, if he would continue the practice, Dick said, “Whatever it takes for the Cowboys to win, is whatever I’m gonna do.”