Meet The Faction – Evil Klownz

Temporary Art
Temporary Art


Name: Scurvy Nixon
Faction: Evil Klownz
Power: 4
Equivalent Chess Piece: Knight
Existence in Current Reality: Original
Greatest Attribute: Absolutely no regard for anything you value
Greatest Fear: Nightlights and Moms

Weapon of Choice: Wet Noodles
Power: 5
Effect: Flaccid. Soft. The opposite of sharp. Wet Noodles shouldn’t be dangerous, but in the hands of the Evil Klownz, they are. And it is this transformation that makes them so messed up.

Disposition: Born in the collective unconscious Scurvy is the beautiful, yet terrifying, monster that lives in your closet. She is what gets you when let an arm dangle over the side of the bed or leave a leg exposed from under the covers just because it’s too hot. Dreadful and horrific to be sure there is something alluring in Scurvy’s smile. There is a promise of pain but there is something else beyond. If nothing else Scurvy is naughty.

OverNote: Despite everything I’ve seen, done, and created, I still sleep with a blue canary in the outlet to protect me from the likes of Scurvy Nixon.